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Summer is finally at its top. Good news isn’t it? This means we can enjoy the hot beams of August among a cocktail on the beach, a party out with friends, a swim at the pool. But don’t forget to be kind with your body, when spending a lot of (good) time outdoors. Those gorgeous, lovely beams can also dry up your hair, sensitize the skin, damage your face. To avoid all that, I thought about sharing with you a few beauty picks, that could make our summer even lovelier. Curious to know what’s in the picture? So let’s get started:

Lancome La vie est belle Nourishing Fragrance Body lotion belongs to the best- selling collection ‘La vie est belle’, a statement that’s a true declaration of love to life. This scented body treatment has a divine texture and an advanced formula that brightens the skin, leaving it gorgeously perfumed and smooth. To me it’s the perfect way to end a summer day!

Feeling the heat? For an extra moisture boost, treat your hair to intensive after-sun treatments. But if you, like me, are always in a hurry, between house, office, gym and so on, and you’re desperately looking for an instant fix to your hair, try the L’Oréal Elvive Smooth Silk Light Spray. I spray this soon after the shampoo, before drying the hair and I let it rest for a moment. Then I go on with the usual hair styling. It doesn’t feel tacky or heavy at all. It leaves your hair nourished, glossy and soft to touch and comb. But what’s more, since it’s a leave-in conditioner in a spray, it will help you save some time every morning or evening. Very brilliant!

Dare to bare! Especially with make up. If you have achieved a golden glow, a good primer will be enough to enhance the natural radiance of the skin. To accomplish this task, there’s the Benefit That Gal a brightening silky pink primer, you can dare to wear alone, soon after the moisturizer. I’ve used this also below the foundation, applying it with the same flat brush I use to do the liquid foundation and I must say it behaved well on me. I didn’t notice any unwanted oiliness on the skin and it didn’t cause any blemishes. To complete the look, enjoy the freshness of a pink powder blush, such as Diorblush in the shade#876 Happy Cherry. Applied on the top of the cheekbones, or in the hollow between cheeks and jaws, it leaves only a lightweight color veil on the face. A must have for any season!

Last but not least make up pick….Ever tried a touch of nude pink eye pencil along the lower lash line o? It’s far better than white to widen your eyes and make them look healthy and gorgeous. Pink will in fact look more natural and softer. Mine is the Skinny fit kajal from Kiko.

Summer can leave lips feeling dry and more delicate. To keep them look gorgeously plump and kissable there’s Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade #01 Rose shimmer. I’ve blogged a lot about this in past, so I won’t be pushing the button any further, but if you try this, I’m sure you will forget anything else.

Ready for your prettiest summer dress?

In a minute! You need still to add a ladylike touch on the nails with the L’Oréal Color Riche Nail in the shade #207 Baby Doll. It will make any outfits look great. And what if you’re not a pink-lady? Stay tuned for the next update. There are more to come.

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