Chic make up removers #1

Chic make up removers

We all tend to speak a lot about makeup. Sometimes even too much. Forgetting that our complexion wasn’t originally made to wear so many different chemicals throughout the day, all year long. Without the freedom and ease to breath naturally. Covered – or should I say ‘cloaked’ – under layers and layers of creamy, fluid, powdered stuff. Don’t worry, I’m fine and the world is still rotating. This is not a crusade against make up, is simply a post on make up removers. 😉

Last month I’ve been testing very different cleansers. Very different ones. You know what? Someone should take the hard work of finding the most chic products. And I like to accomplish this task. Very much. Though still far from having found the ‘Saint Graal’, here’s what I came up with: three different brands and three different types of make up removers, I’m currently liking:

  • Cream / balm
  • Oil
  • Fluid / water

For those who cannot afford a balm which costs more than 40 euros, no matter how smart and lovely,  Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is a fantastic choice. When you open the jar, it seems like a wax or a soap. Don’t be mislead by the first impression! When you apply it onto your face it starts melting and becomes a sort of fluid, that vanishes perfectly into/with water. It doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy sensation on the skin and removes whatever make up. Also that you applied last Christmas. Don’t wet your face before. Try it onto dry skin and enjoy the facial massage you can do with your fingertips on the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, whole face! I’d recommend this one when you wear a lot of make up or you need a very deep, super cleansing. For a more spa-at-home feeling, remove it with a muslin cloth, wet into warm water. You’ll feel like a diva after!

Second formula: oil. Everybody is posting about the Camomile Oil from The Body Shop, I know. But to me the oily make up removers category is for the moment already taken by Sephora. This is the third bottle of the Supreme Cleansing Oil I’m buying and using. Like the previous, it removes every make up, even the heaviest and the waterproof one, without leaving any halos, leftovers or smudges. It’s suitable to all skin types, has an interesting price and last but not least, has an interesting list of “without” ingredients. The packaging is very handy, as you can pump only the oil you need, and the bottle stays clean and dry. I pour two or three pumps into the palm of the hands, work it well onto the face, with a wide and long massage and then rinse everything with warm water.

Third formula: fluid. To me anybody should use cleansers for sensitive skin. You’d be shocked by knowing how many troubles are caused by too aggressive skin care treatments. And among these ones, cleansers could step on the first place quite easily. I prefer to use the micellar solution, whenever I’m wearing a very light make up, such as in summer, as well as in the morning, for instance, if I did a deep and good cleansing the night before. If you’re following me, you know that in the category of fluid, watery cleansers, I have a special feeling with Bioderma Sensibio H2O. It’s transparent texture really reminds me of purity. I apply this with cotton pads, without rinsing and two-three cotton pads are enough for the whole face. This too is quite budget-friendly. I didn’t check the international shippings/availability, but in Europe is quite affordable and easy to find.

It’s all for the moment. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks. If you have any to add, please feel free to drop me your suggestions in the comments box. Thanks a lot!

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One Response to Chic make up removers #1

  1. great post, lovely! I had them all! some were hits… some misses… but I’ll definitely buy again at least one! 😉 xx

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