Chic cherry red manicure


If there’s something in the world I cannot resist, this is spring-summer fruit. In July and August I even feel I could eat only fruit for breakfast or dinner. This kind of addiction is particularly strong for red fruits, such as strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Which I never mix to anything else, such as chocolate, cream, honey, sugar or ice-cream. I love them ‘pure’ and ‘nature’. Exactly as they are.

Summer fruits have been inspiring several collections of products for the make up and the bath. Not only in terms of color and scent. They’ve shaped packaging and marketing concept, affecting also composition and formula.

Personally I have a particular feeling with the perfectly polished surface of cherries. It reminds me of those sophisticated and ladylike manicures that are not a seasonal choice, but a sort of evergreen in every moment of the year. Since I’ve been wearing a lot of nude or pastel colors on the nails for weeks now, I was very willing to change. A bit shocking?


Passing fancy or not, I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s worth or not investing in a super brand when we buy a nail polish. Since all my attempts with some of the most popular ones didn’t satisfy me, for the moment I’m keeping my personal collection quite cheap, saving on something I perceive more as a crush, depending on the mood of the moment, the rest of the outfit, and yes, the trends.

This nail polish you see in the picture is the result of two coats of Kiko Nail Laquer in the shade #362 Poppy Red. I didn’t apply any top coats, as I perceive they don’t make the nail polish last longer, but on the contrary, on me they tend to make the mani more fragile. Perhaps I should invest on a more expensive one? Or do I do something wrong when I apply it? Any suggestions will be really much appreciated.

Did the cherries taste good? Oh yes!!!

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