Chic handbag essentials #1

Chic handbag essentials

I’m not the type of gal you see around with her bathroom shelf and four seasons wardrobe in the handbag. Nevertheless, even with a strictly “less is more” mindset, I admit my handbag is usually well equipped with a series of chic must-have items, I cannot leave at home.

First, the wallet. Mine is from Liu Jo an Italian brand, which I bet most of you won’t know, which is quite affordable and very uptodate. I have just a few items from them, and I find them really really lovely. Have a look at the ‘shiny autumn’ collection anticipations to get the feeling of the brand. I’ve already spotted out some fantastic picks, from the bustier dress to the croc handbag, not to mention the top and the mini skirts.

Coming back to beauty…(sorry to interrupt, but this was the focus of the post) I would feel desperately lost without my Beiersdorf Labello lip balm, a super super cheap, but very chic one. I’ve been using it since I was a child and I still love its typical smell of cocoa butter, which reminds me of childhood and cuddles. I think this stick is a beauty essential to anyone: it nourishes lips and leaves them soft and smooth, but not as tacky, as other stuff I’ve tried. Next to it, my handbag has always a mirror for any retouches of make up and a mini-pochette to keep lip pencil and lipstick. The mirror comes with the velvet mini pochette to protect it and was a present from a Sephora beauty haul. It belongs to the Dior Addict line up launch and personally, I’d even pay for it, since it’s very very lovely. As regards make up, I’m now just bringing with me the basics to retouch lips. Actually both pencil and lipstick are from Kiko, since the pencil has the right length for the mini pochette and the Kiko lipstick is very ‘easy’ to wear.

As we all tend to sweat a lot in this period, and I often have no time/chance to wash my hands before an ice-cream or a cocktail out with friends, I’m bringing with me also a mini size of hand sanitizer. Besides this, in the handbag there are also tissues, intimate wipes, paracetamol. Well it’s not the full pharmacy counter, but enough not to die. 😉

Last but not least, the hand bag  is an ‘old’ one from Furla, an other Italian designer I absolutely adore and I’m often wearing.

So, now that you’ve peeked into mine, what’s in your summer handbag?





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3 Responses to Chic handbag essentials #1

  1. avibrantday says:

    Even when i’m running to get to work on time, I have to stop and read your posts. I love your blog. Thanks for the morning break :o)

  2. I haven’t used Labello since high school! haha! 🙂 xx

  3. Oh my handbag … Loads of my crap…! Baby diapers, wipes, change of clothes, spare socks for kids … My wallet, water bottle, plastic spoons, receipts from my purchases… Oh yes, rattles and baby toys, my cosmetic pouch (Chanel face compact, Dior blush, maybelline baby lips, dental floss, Purell Hand Sanitizer, comb, hair ties and hair pins, small sample size of a perfume, extra set of disposable contact lenses) … I usually use a Calvin Klein tri- fold wallet and a coach shoulder bag …

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