Chic summer essentials

Chic summer essentials

Before the weekend starts, I’d like to leave you just a few “drops” of summer essentials I’ve been using lately and which I’m really proud of. Between a sip of mojito and a slice of watermelon, here’s what you cannot miss in your beauty bag this season to look and feel chic.

First, I would start with something to add a healthy glow on your body. If you haven’t been in the sun yet, or you would want to keep that beautiful natural color you achieved, Clarins self Tanning Instant Gel is a good choice. It develops a natural-looking tan very quicky, it’s not greasy at all and is really much recommended, as an anternative to any St. Tropez or Xen Tan similar products. If you’re wondering, yes, it’s the perfect combo to the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan for the face, which I started using recently and I’m so in love with. These two together will give you this summer a sort of ‘extra-chic feeling’ even though the weather has not been the best ever.

I have an other Clarins product to recommend anybody, and it’s the Instant Light Natural Lip perfector a very expensive lip balm, which is more than only a lip balm. It nourishes, gives color, acts as a sort of primer for the lips, without looking too shiny or tacky. It’s definitely my favorite ever in this category. As I already dealt with it many times, I’m not adding extra words on it, but believe me, it’s amazing!

Moving to the face, if you fancy a juicy, glowy, pretty look, instead of a foundation, you should try a BB cream. One of my favorites at the moment, besides REN and Dior is Dr Brandt Flexitone BB cream, a good one if your skin tone is light, but not too much milky. On me it suits far better if I do a little self-tan before.

Next, if you have been following the trend, most of the make up brands are launching all-in-one blushers in different shades and textures, so as to add more transparency, more 3d effects, more light to the make up. Have you seen all these bronzers+blusher or blushers in two or three ‘parts’? One of these ‘smart’ products is Shiseido Face color enhancing trio. You can use it also as all-over, sweeping it with the powder brush not only on the cheeks but on the whole face, for a brighter and healthier look. Since last May, I’ve been enjoying this Shiseido blusher and even in the hottest days, it doesn’t feel chalky at all. Cool!

Coming to the eyes, in summer you can forget about eye shadows, but you can’t skip a colorful waterproof eye pencil, such as Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes. That in the picture is #Majorelle Blue: a really pigmented, pop blue, that can be perfect on both days and nights. I like this pencil, it feels so silky and soft on the eyes and keeps untouched for hours.

Last but not least, a waterproof mascara. If you chose a blue eye pencil, why not to try a blue mascara as well, instead of the usual, wintery black?

Diorshow in #Royal Blue is a very chic one: it gives you glam lashes, without packing them, it doesn’t smudge or irritate the eyes, it looks sophisticated and chic. A beauty essential for this season!

And you? What have you been enjoying lately?

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10 Responses to Chic summer essentials

  1. that Shiseido face blush looks so pretty! and I also love MUFE Aqua products – nice quality! xx

    • Alessia says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I need to chase it somewhere 😉 And the Shiseido blush is very handy: you can use it also as a sort of allover for a more healthy and radiant look without looking cakey. And it has that ‘rosy pink’ tone we both love.

      • that’s the main reason the blush caught my eyes! 😀 it looks like it has a beautiful pink tone to it! maybe you will do a review on it and some swatches, lovely! 😉 xx

    • Alessia says:

      Sure, I’m posting a more detailed review very soon 😉

  2. avibrantday says:

    The Clarins lip perfector sounds amazing!

  3. Such beautiful cosmetics – lovely and ‘chic’ 🙂

  4. PatiSallves says:

    Great post dear, really helpful!
    Also adore your blog, already following it. Hope you can check out mine:

    Lots of Love
    Pati ♥

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