Not-chic products #2

A lot of time passed since my last not-chic products tag, do you remember? As I’ve been mostly proud of my last beauty hauls, I haven’t got many bad products to refer about. Hurrah! But this doesn’t mean that everything I buy looks and behaves well. I’m so sticktuitive that I tend to give anyone and anything a second chance. An other opportunity to make a good impression or to push me to change my mind.

But this didn’t happen with the weird tool you see in the pictures.

It’s the Kiko Cleansing Face Brush.

Supposed to be a handy brush for the face, it turns out to be a useless piece of plastics you put into the basket for its low price, and stop using after a couple of times. I own this since last December, but I still haven’t discovered its secret properties. It doesn’t exfoliate, it doesn’t help the skin look brighter, it doesn’t help to remove make up or masks. Its bristles are made up of silicons, which are surely too soft, for any of these purposes. I bought it because it was recommended to sensitive skin, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I hope I have saved you some money with this review. Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Not-chic products #2

  1. Well that’s sure saves my money ! Thank you for the review

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