Chic face self-tanning

Chic self-tanning

If you’re naturally olive-skinned or you’d never stop sunbathing, stay aside, this post is not meant for you. All the other white-pale-ghost-milk-skinned, please read on. I have something interesting to tell you!

Personally, I see pale skin as a blessing and I’m really in love with my complexion. In summer though, I find more chic a touch of color, but given that I’m mostly spending my time indoor and I’m very delicate, the way to tanning may be too long. To shorten it a little bit, I discovered, thanks to the fantastic Anna of Viviannadoesmakeup a self-tanning product for the face that radically improved my look. It’s the Clarins Liquid Bronze self-tanning.

I must say, when I bought it I was quite skeptical about the results: I thought ‘oh my…my face will look orange and there will be a big difference with the rest of the body’ and I must admit I was very much concerned about the drying effects and possible bad stripes once washing the face. On the contrary nothing of this happened, so that I’m now using it twice a week since last June. It’s far more gradual than expected and the color my skin gets looks surprisingly natural and beautiful.

For a more even application, I use it with a cotton pad as the last step of my skin care regime before going to sleep.

The scent it leaves on the skin is gorgeous and the feeling is no tacky at all. Personally I noticed a little drying effect in the last days, but I’m not sure if it’s due to the Clarins Liquid Bronze self-tanning or to something else. I’ll check and tell. In any case, if you too are looking for something special to give a little glow to your face, this is the right one!

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5 Responses to Chic face self-tanning

  1. I use St.tropez self tanner & I love it! But I’m always looking into new products! Thanks for the review 🙂


  2. Alessia says:

    hello lady and thanks for stopping by! I’m curious to test the St. Tropez self tanner instead, for the same reason 😀 Do you like it? Would you recommend it?

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  4. I see you like the word chic 🙂

  5. Alessia says:

    Definitely. And the whole blog is built around the concept of a modern chic, which is a mixture of emotion, performance and sustainability. A brand or product doesn’t need to cost a monthly fee to be brilliant and chic. It needs to be affordable, rich in emotions and personality. That’s it. 🙂

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