Chic sized-to-fly

chic_sized to fly

Whenever you’re catching a plane or planning a trip somewhere, the beauty bag may become a stress, rather than a pleasure. The big trouble is in fact how to pack all the bottles and sometimes heavy packages we normally use on an daily base, in a limited space and under the strict volume allowance, without laying down our beauty skincare routines.

The Swiss brand HQ is one of the most famous available on the market, specializing in mask and beauty treatments in mini dose format. I really love the concept of a high end brand that becomes affordable to anyone, thanks to a limited amount of product, which is enough for a few applications and noticeable results. “Buy just what you need”, this is more or less the philosophy. Having the chance to switch from a product to an other, without breaking the bank for a cream.

Its smoothing mask, which has recently undergone a re-design of the packaging, belongs to the cleansing range and is conceived to enhance radiance, while stimulating cellular renovation. The usage is super easy: apply a thick layer on a clean complexion and let it rest to up to 15 minutes, then rinse with a whipe and/or wash out. I just feel a little tingle in the very last minutes of pose, but for the rest it works beautifully and my skin looks then bright and clean. An other beauty secret weapon I really recommend 😉

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2 Responses to Chic sized-to-fly

  1. I love any tips that keep my skin looking good when travelling. Nothing worse than travelling and taking heaps of photos but all the flying has made your skin breakout look dry and dull 😦 Please check out my blog. I have recently finished a skincare series that I am really proud of. It explores the science of skincare to really help you understand your skin type, what regimes will work for you and, my personal favourite, details on all those active ingredients in your skincare and what ingredients you should be looking out for! I also currently have a giveaway running so check it out and enter that too! hit that follow button if you enjoyed the reads ❤ xox your local bohemian.

  2. Alessia says:

    Hello and thanks for stopping by. I checked your blog as well and started following, as I found your skincare bible very interesting. I’m actually in a skincare “investigation moment” too. Let’s keep in touch. cheers!

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