Chic scent of a love trip


A trip to China, through the disappearing Beijing’s hutongs, sippling a hot cup of jasmine tea, wandering from gallery to gallery in the contemporary art district (798) and enjoying a walk in the silence of ancient temples, far away from the traffic and the crowded shopping districts. A romantic dinner at the 64th floor, where everything and everybody else seems to disappear, an entire afternoon spent “skating” with a old cycle on a frozen lake, embracing and winning a speed race with the locals. A city, you wouldn’t probably have seen in your whole life and which you have the chance to discover hand in hand with the man you love. His smile, your smile. Exotic rituals, meals with unutterable names, people who’ve never seen a woman as pale as you. And above all, the magical scent of well being. How does the perfume of a love trip to China smells like?

It’s luminous, seductive, fragrant and mysterious, like Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir. A precious perfume, that has now got a completely new meaning to you. A perfume that has become the scent of your love trip to China.

To anybody else, Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir is an elegant eau de parfum, built around the richness of the jasmine flower, symbol of beauty and luxury, enlightened by notes of lily and citrus, that becomes sensual and oriental, thanks to vibrant woods, patchouli and musk. In the same range you’ll find, besides the fragrance, also bath and shower gel and a sparkling body lotion. Everything you need to feel fabulous and glamorous. Because as Coco Chanel used to say, a woman should perfume herself wherever she would like to be kissed. And if your desire is to be kissed anywhere, shower gel and body lotion will give a big hand.

If you’re fancying about the fragrance, this is the technical description, as available on the producer’s site.

Olfactive notes: Olfactive Family: Floral Woody Musk,
Top Notes: Golden Cedrat and Lily of the Valley,
Heart: Sambac Jasmine and “Angel Wing” Jasmine,
Dry Down: Musky Nougatine and Vibrant Wood

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2 Responses to Chic scent of a love trip

  1. fleurdhiver says:

    You are right, Mon Jasmin Noir is very elegant, I love it too!!

  2. V says:

    This sounds so wonderful!

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