Chic secret weapons

chic secret weapons

I’ve been changing up my foundation recently, leaning towards tinted moisturizer and/or BB cream, which mean of course less coverage and darker tones. But whenever my make up needs to stay untouched all day long, I still feel the need of something extra. Instead of cloaking the skin with a loose powder, that makes me sweat and look a bit chalky, I tried to get back to my primers collection and I gave a chance to Make Up Forever HD Definition Elixir.

It’s a primer, with a serum formula, but the good news is that it doesn’t contain parabens or oils and just two pumps are enough to cover the whole face. I normally apply this only in special days, in winter time, so it’s very much awkward for me to give a go in July. So what’s going on? I thought, that “HD” may have something to do with extreme conditions, heat, stress and the like and I was right. This product is definitely a secret weapon!

To conceal my awful under eye circles, I’ve been reaching for Make Up Forever HD High Definition concealer. Conceived not to be seen on high-definition televisions, it brightens the eye area and covers all the imperfections. The packaging has a weird silicon, soft end, which enables a very precise application. My shade is the fairest one, but you can choose among 14 different shades. I think enough to stay invisible on anybody and truly act as a secret weapon, isn’t it?

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