Chic nail care#1


Thanks to a couple of Beautybay, Sephora and drugstore hauls, my nail kit has recently grown up a little. Yes, again. I know…But believe me, they’re all “basic” things I can’t live without. And honestly, I think no chic woman can. What’s all about?

NAIL FILE – I found mine when I was scouring the aisles of a drugstore. They were super super cheap, but work perfectly: I can’t say if it’s the case to invest on nail files, but I would recommend to pick up the product that you like the most, according to your budget and mood. Mine are not classy or finely decorated, but I love their red hue.

NAIL POLISH – A bright, strong, sexy red. Ciaté Pain Pots Vernis à Ongles #PP105 Play Date is a summer must have. Once you wear it, it doesn’t look as orange as you see it in the picture, it’s hotter and deeper. A second or even third coat make it perfect for a bit vintage, pin-up look. The brush is long, nice and easy to use. It’s my first experience with Ciaté polishes, but so far is a positive one.

NAIL POLISH REMOVER & COTTON  PADS – Chipped nail polish is definitely so not chic at all. At all. Regardless of how casual your style or outfit can be. I know we can’t bring a bottle of polish remover in our bags everyday, but we can keep a good maintenance of our mani, removing any “old” or chipped nail polish as soon as it gets damaged. I use Beautybay The Collection Nail Polish remover 100 ml it’s acetone free and it leaves my nails perfectly clean and smooth. Last but not least, it’s a budget-buy. Invest instead on good cotton pads, because the less you spend, the thinner and rougher they will be, which is not nice to remove colorful nail polishes.

CUTICLE OIL – Having a good management of cuticles is what makes the real difference between a bodge-job and a true nail-care addiction. Relax, you don’t need to get crazy with trimming, grooming, pushing sessions. You just need 2 minutes of your time everyday to apply a cuticle oil. Yes, I said everyday. I know what you’re thinking about now. Doesn’t oil make everything messy then? And how can you type on the keyboard, hold on things, use your mobile, or whatever? Simple and easy. Do this little beauty step before you switch off the light at nights and to make it even easier, put the cuticle oil bottle next to your bed. I keep my Fin’grs Nail care Oil always “at hand”.


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