Chic vanilla

Chic vanilla

Vanilla is usually one of those scents you either love or hate. And me, I’m among its desperate lovers. Although not a big fan of sweets and desserts, I normally try at least one spoon or morsel of any vanilla flavor cake, cookie, ice-cream I’ve at hand. No matter if prepared by me or not. Bring me a vanilla scented candle for my home and I’ll feel at seven heaven.

As regards beauty products, I have no “vanilla-only” fragrances, but I use products for the shower with this scent. It’s the case of Sephora Creamy body wash (the tube in the picture) as well as the Sephora Body butter.

But let’s start from the outside: the packaging looks chic, elegant, minimal. The creamy body wash is so sleek that you can bring it with you out of home without that feeling of a heavy, uncomfortable bottle that tends to open and pour its content into your bag. The body butter is a bit heavier, but you can pick up a little and put it into a smaller pot, for instance. I love these products for three reasons.

  1. They leave your skin wonderfully and sweetly perfumed for hours.
  2. They’re not at all greasy, although we’re talking about a body butter.
  3. The price. I can’t say they’re super-cheap body staples, since there are many low-cost products in the drugstores, but if you want to pamper yourself with something special, without breaking the bank it’s a good option.

The Sephora bath and shower collection is also available is many other colors and different scents. Is this perhaps a forth reason to love it?

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