Chic red lips#1

As you probably have noticed, red is one of my favorite color ever. Either coral, like here or hotter and classic, like here it has the power to make me feel beautiful, energetic and happy. Recently, while I was doing my workout routines in the gym, a guy noticed my hot red t-shirt and told me I seldom wear similar colors, when I run or train. And he added I look better in red, suggesting to do it more often. Since this guy works in the fashion industry, I decided to follow the advice. It’s an expert tip somehow 😉

Apart from the closet, styling red lips is probably one of the most challenging operations, even for a beauty addicted. They seem so hot and serious in the morning and then especially if you drink lots of water and coffee in the office, to leave that vampire red halo around cups and glasses is not chic at all. At all.

But I found the solution! No transfer liquid lip stains and lip pencils, proposed this year in such rich, highly pigmented and chic flushes! Today I’m wearing Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade #Dragon Girl- syren red What a name isn’t it? From my side, it’s a very recommended product and I’m sure I will try other shades soon. If you’re wondering about the rest of my make up, I applied some bb cream (REN), a creamy bronzy eyeshadow (Kiko) and two coats of curling mascara (Lancome). And finally, yes, I’m going to post other chic red lips makeup too. Keep following!



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Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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