Chic travel skincare set#1


Even though we all love that spa-at-home feeling, whenever we enter our bathrooms or sometimes bedrooms so well equipped with dozen packages of cleansers, exfoliators, lotions, masks, creams, etc..a travel-friendly skincare routine should be as smart as possible in terms of weight and space.

The most convenient solution when you’re arranging a suitcase is to pour your current favorite products into MUJI pots. But what if your  trip was not planned with enough notice? Or what about a summer present for your best friend who’s leaving for her summer holidays?

Last but not least, if you’re in a “testing mood”, a little travel set is the best option to get the feeling of a brand, without emptying your wallet.

If clarifying the skin and treating breakouts is your main concern, Clinique Anti Blemish solutions Clear Solutions starter kit is worth a try. It works as any Clinique 3-steps skincare routine: a product to cleanse, an other to exfoliate and the latter to moisturize. I’ve seen improvements on my skin, after just a couple of days, without that feeling of dryness which normally accompanies anti-acne programs.



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One Response to Chic travel skincare set#1

  1. These travel sets always come in hand! 😉xx

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