Chic flawless summer make up

Summer is apparently the #1 enemy of make up. How not to cloak the skin so that it doesn’t melt down like a chocolate bar into a saucepan? And then how to apply bronzers without creating those horrible contrasts beneath the jaw line? And what about lipsticks and frequent drinks or ice-creams?

The secret is of course in the quality and quantity of the products you’re going to use. Nowadays, there are luckily such light and smart formulas that allow make up addicted to look fabulous even under the boiling sun. But don’t apply to much. The golden rule of make up is eventually to add some more after, instead of painting a mask and then have to blend, puff away, correct. And no matter of how pale your natural complexion is, even the fairest skin tones can dare to wear a flawless summer make up. Here’s a quick guide for you about how I do mine. I hope you will find it useful.

Step 1: Choose a good moisturizer

Ancient painters knew it well. The secret of a long-lasting work of art is the preparation. Arrange yours with a fresh, yet rich, face moisturizer. Gel, cream, fluid, choose the texture you like the most and that best fits with your complexion. Since a few weeks mine is from Pai.

Step 2: Enhance your skin with tinted moisturizer and concealer

Hot temperatures don’t mean you’ve to give up a touch of color and a bit of coverage. Try tinted moisturizers instead of heavy coverage foundations. Your skin will thank you for quenching its thirst with something fresh and not gooey. As you see in the picture, mine is REN Satin perfection BB cream. To wipe out blemishes, dark circles, spots and enhance your natural radiance, apply some concealer. My personal must-have concealer is Mac Moisture cover #NC15.

Kiko bronzer

Step 3: Contour with bronzer

A good sculpting powder can change your look and how you think of yourself. In order to avoid unnatural shades, I avert orange bronzers and prefer something that tends more to light brown. A super cheap option can be Kiko Essential Bronzer in the shade #200 Warm Melange. I apply this on the jawline and at the corners of the temples, because my face is very thin and a bit square. Of course, depending on your shape, you’ll need to find the right contrasts.

Mac creamy blusher

Step 4: Highlight with blusher

I said not too much make up, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about lights and points to enhance. In my case, I pass a bit of blusher on the cheekbones: Make Up Forever HD blush in the shade #210 cool pink. This gives more harmony to the face and balances the shades I create with the bronzer.

Mac eyeshadow Estee lauder gloss

Step 5: Color eyes and lips

Try a caramel-bronze eyeshadow, better if very shimmery and pair it to a coral red on the lips. The eyeshadow are #Brule and #Retrospeck from Mac, the lipstick is Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine in the shade #Poppy Love .These two will look fantastic on almost everyone.

Mascara and brow pencil

Step 6: Frame with brow pencil and mascara

Frame your eyes with a pencil for the brows and don’t forget your lashes! A beautiful picture against a white wall will not look that beautiful without the right frame. Benefit Instant brow pencil in the shade #medium to dark is a very good product, a bit over-priced, but very good. For the mascara, here I’m using a “classic” Diorshow black.

Now you’re really ready to go! Enjoy!

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