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Since I’m a newbie on, I was wondering why not to show my first purchase on this site and tell about my personal experience. First of all in terms of service and then about my order more in detail.

I think it can be useful to find new online stores, but on top of that I find interesting to be referred about somebody else choices and customer experience.

Given that my ordered was shipped internationally, via common mail, the delivery took some more time than usual. I’ve been waiting for more than two weeks and this made me feel so anxious to get my goods! But then everything went well.

What did my package contain?

As I’ve already told in some previous posts, after years of perfect, clean, even complexion, last year I happened to have for the first time in my life frequent breakouts on the cheeks, without any particular reason. Following some sales assistants advice, I started treating my skin as if it was oily/combination: so I washed my face morning and evening with anti-acne foaming products, I exfoliated with acid toners and lotions, I applied thick layers of mattifying treatments. Then, twice a week, I applied clay masks and/or scrubs. You know, the usual routine. But my blemishes didn’t stop at all. My complexion went worse and worse, loosing its radiance, becoming sensitive and dehydrated everywhere, turning redder and redder on the breakouts. A disaster! Now that I’m switching to highly-moisturizing creams and praying much more attention to the ingredients of the skincare products, my face is recovering and improving. If you want to know more about why breakouts don’t mean having an oily complexion, and how to treat it really well, have a look at here. Caroline Hirons is an “institution” in terms of beauty expertise and you’d better add her blog to your favorites if you want to retrieve expert information on the topic. Besides, she’s also so much self-ironic and smart, that every post is worth a like.

In my personal Crusade against parabens, silicons, mineral oils and so on, I started checking more deeply the products’ INCI, giving preference to organic ingredients and mild formulas.This meant also for me to change the brands I was buying, because most of them couldn’t assure such a natural commitment.

As regards face moisturizers, Pai Skincare Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream 50 ml is my all natural choice of the moment. If you check the description box on, you’ll see it’s perfect for sensitive skin types, which is my case, after long and aggressive anti-acne treatments. My face has been in fact sensitized by the useless attempts to re-establish its natural condition. The glass packaging of this cream, perhaps not the best choice if you’re traveling, I know, resembles a more expensive beauty product. The cream texture is very rich, at the beginning it seems a bit too “thick”, but then it sinks perfectly in. My face looked immediately smoother since the first application.

The second Crusade I embraced was that against “fake” natural oils, which are not natural at all, but are a blend of several different ingredients among which oils, fragrances and chemicals. My mom is a great fan of organic argan oil, which she applies at nights as part of a detox-menu for the skin and which she told all her friends has changed her life (and face). Moroccan Natural Organic Argan Oil made then his way into my arsenal, perhaps I’d better say “our”, thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, carotenes.

Beautybay The Collection Nail Polish remover 100 ml was added to my purchase by the retailer itself, as a free gift. How lovely isn’t it?! A manicure essential every person may enjoy! And a bottle of 100 ml is far more than a sample: it means you can use it for weeks. As regards the composition of the product, which is paramount for a good nail care, this is acetone free, and doesn’t contain bad chemicals. Why acetone is not good for your nails? Have a look at here to know a little more.  I haven’t used it yet, because I have already opened two other products, but, if you’re interested, I will refer soon about how this works on me.

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