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No matter of the age and eye color, I’m pretty sure there’s not one make up lover out there that hasn’t got at least one nude eyeshadow palette in her beauty bag. I say at least one, because every beauty blogger has got more than one, from the awesome worldwide best-seller “Naked” series by Urban Decay, to the many customizable Mac palettes, passing through many more beauty brands. Not to mention the several different mascaras an obsessed woman can buy every year: curl-enhancing, volumising, strengthening, elongating, waterproof, black, brown, blue, purple, or even in shocking, unexpected colors…

I was leaving for Beijing this year when I bought Lancome Hypnose Star Eyes Palette in the duty free shop at the airport. I was looking for something extremely compact, that could offer both mat and shimmering eye shadows, in nude colors. Something silky, highly pigmented and long lasting as well. If there’s something I cannot stand on eye shadows is to see a beautiful eye-catching combination of colors within the case that once applied are kind of opacque, faint and not enough pigmented. But then when an eye shadow is highly pigmented, it can be not that easy to blend it well into the crease without creating stains. Not to mention those which can’t stay in place all day long and tend to dust onto your cheekbones or eye socket. I know I know, I’m very demanding. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

By the way, since it was very early in the morning that day at the airport, I was wearing no make up and the shop assistant offered to do my eyes make up, even if I was catching a plane soon after and probably my fabulous doll-effect eyes wouldn’t have had the right audience. In a few minutes she did such a chic look on me that I was 100% sure a Lancome Hypnose Star Eyes Palette would have caught the plane to Beijing together with me. You’d better not to leave alone sometimes.

This palette includes also a product sheet with  step-by-step instructions on how to use it to create three different looks, from a classic brown smokey-eyes, to a more sophisticated make up, thanks to several layers and shades you can apply on the different corners of the eyelids. On top of that the eye shadows can be used either dry or wet, for a more dramatic effect. It’s up to you how to play with the five shades and achieve your desired look. Usually I don’t use all of them for a daily makeup, since I tend to apply the lightest pinky-brown shade as a base and the darkest in the crease to create the contrast and to line the eyes. The lightest shade is a bit shimmery, while the other colors are mat. Online Lancome released also a video-tutorial you can watch on Youtube at this link Personally, I don’t like to use the included brushes when I’m at home, but in case of need, you can count on its little brush and sponges.

Luckily for my wallet, I was fully equipped with eye liners and pencils, but I couldn’t resist buying Lancome Virtuose mascara. You know, such a make up needs to be framed by perfectly curled eye lashes! And here I could open a long, dull chapter about how difficult it is for me to be satisfied by a mascara, because most of them pack my eyelashes, making me flatter them, as if I was flirting all the time. In most cases, mascaras blemish my upper eyelids, because I should curl the lashes (I’m afraid of curlers, as if they were torture tools). Well, more briefly, I’ll tell you that, if you’re curious to try “something else”, that, although from a famous brand, is not that much into the mainstream, I’ll suggest this product. Lancome Virtuose curles your lashes, with no need to use a curler before. I didn’t notice any stacks or drop of performance, neither during my trainings in the gym. The only weak point to me, if we have to find any, is the price, since it’s a bit costly. Am I too demanding?

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