Chic Sephora bronzing body lotion

Chic self tan

It’s tanning time, I know, but being very fair and very proud of my porcelain fairness, I’m probably not the best expert about fake tanners and the like. Up until now, I’ve tested just five or six self tan products and all this, I must admit, without “brilliant” results. There has always been something wrong with the application I think, as well as with the bronzing color my body took in the end. Too orange and intense, if compared to my natural undertone, but also very “patchy”. I tried everything: I scrubbed my body the day before, so as to prepare the skin; I mixed the self tan to the usual moisturizer, in order to make the color less dark and to ease the application; I used a tanning mit, since it’s supposed to be the best tool. Then, I tested different products in different textures: more creamy, more liquid, in spray, in gel…until I said myself “Okay, it’s not your business. Keep your legs white and never mind tan. If nature wanted you pale, there must be a reason”.

When I bought this bronzing body lotion, I was prepared to the worst. And instead…since magic happens, my skin reacted wonderfully. No orange stripes, no patches, no stickiness, no bad smell. Unbelievable!

Sephora bronzer has a light, creamy, hydrating formula and a nice perfume. More than a self tan is a moisturizer with self tanning properties. And the good news is that it’s parabens free and affordable to almost any purses. It’s not your product if your looking for a very strong color. But if you’re very fair and you need something, that may help you look healthier and feel free to wear short dresses, tops, bikini or whatever in this season without the feeling of a slice of mozzarella, then it’s worth a try. The more you use it, the more your complexion will increase in “tan”, or better, will loose its whiteness.

Did I change my perspective towards my porcelain whiteness? Not at all. It’s simply time for the legs to make an appearance.

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One Response to Chic Sephora bronzing body lotion

  1. ladyinplaster says:

    Going to try on my casted toes; will look good against white cast. Recasted yesterday they are very dry

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