Chic samples #1

Chic samples 1

Maybe it’s only and impression, maybe not, but I happen to find samples much better than the product themselves. Sometimes I buy something because the sample behaves so well on my skin that I get convinced, but then strangely the big format is not so brilliant.

At home I have a big box full of samples to try. I tend to leave them for the short trips or the out of home weekends, when all the big packages of skincare treatments + perfume  bottles + make up kits would be too much for a common suitcase.

Here’s a collection of samples I tried and found very nice. If you have tried them as well, I would be very curious to know what you think and to exchange impressions. Leave me a comment, and I’ll be glad to reply.

Lancome Primordiale Cell Defense is an anti-wrinkles serum. It has a light, fresh, orange texture which is perfect for this season. It’s a good product if you have a good skin and you want to put off lines or aging processes. Nowadays Lancome has replaced it with Genifique, but the ground is almost the same.

Dior Hydraction is a moisturizing serum thanks to which the skin looks plump and soft. The texture is quite liquid and dries very fast. Applied alone is not enough, nor in the morning nor before going to sleep. But if you’re using also a cream, liquid foundation or primer, it will boost hydration.

Erborian BB Creme au ginseng is a korean product you can purchase in Italy by Sephora. I haven’t bought anything from this brand yet, but the BB cream seemed quite interesting, especially for those who don’t want too much coverage and have no spots to hide.

Guerlain La pétite Robe Noire is a flower fragrance that smells of roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, white amber, patchouli and white musk. A very romantic and chic perfume. I would buy it for sure.

Last but not least, I’ve recently been given a package from Dior which contains two products I’m in love with

dior samples

The first is an eye cream, the second a mascara.

Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Sorbet eye cream – is a light-textured eye moisturizer. I didn’t notice any visible difference while using it, but probably this is due to the very little amount of product you can pack into samples. Skin care routines should undertake a testing of one month at least, I think.

Diorshow Extase – what makes this mascara interesting is the formula that expands the dimension of the lashes, for a stronger and fuller looking. If yours look too thin it’s your product!

If you’re wondering about the brush, this was not a sample, it’s a nice double brush I bought by a beauty shop called Pinalli.It’s super cheap to be a foundation brush + concealer brush, of course, you don’t need to come to Italy to find a brush, but in case you were here, this is an extra tip for you.


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