Chic haircare

Chic haircare

Since I decided to change my hairstyle into very short and straight hair in 2006, my hair care routine has changed and shortened a lot as well. Once I used to apply many different conditioners, hair treatments, oils, foams and sprays, styling products to fix, reduce frizziness, add volume, soften, define, shine. I was so proud of my hair and was absolutely in love with. My mom remembers really well how much time I dedicated to the hair wash and care, spending hours and hours in the bathroom for a styling or a particular mask.

Nowadays, apart from a good shampoo and one styling product, I do nothing else on my hair. And I’m saving so much time and money!

The two products I would like to talk about today, which you may have seen also in my June selection, are my favorites of the moment.

I discovered Fekkai RX Reparative shampoo last March, as I was shopping for my mom’s birthday and I was searching for something different and special for her hair, which are very delicate and stressed by frequent dye treatments. Usually I’m not a great of the products linked to a world star of something. Even though it’s credible that a famous hairstylist can recognize the quality of a shampoo or conditioner far better than anyone else, and is not interested in linking his image to a bad product, it’s also true that you don’t need necessarily the glitters of a world famous person to wash your hair with a good product. That time instead, since it was a present, I decided to go for something special and different. And luckily I found a shampoo that unlike many SLS shampoos is not aggressive with the skin and does not sensitize it. Fekkai shampoo is thick and perfumed, it nourishes the hair, leaving a sensation of fuller body and consistency. It produces much foam though and is quite pricy, but you will need a very minimum amount.

Bumble & Bumble Shine finishing spray is a bloody hell expensive product. I first discovered it on The Youtube channel of Pixiwoo The Body Talk and felt so curios to try it on me, that I couldn’t resist. Now that I have it, I’m glad I followed the advise, because my hair look fabulous. I have a long and manifold experience of high-shine spays to use before and after the hair styling. Most of them leave the hair a bit weighted down, greasy or gummy, Bumble&Bumble doesn’t. It’s very light and you can combine it with whatever product you already have in your haircare routine. It’s suited to all types of hair, which is also nice. You can either spray it on the palms of the hands and work it among your hair or directly spray it on your hair to finish the look. I cannot say if it lasts a lot or not, because my hair are short and then two-three sprays are enough.

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