Chic Clarins moisturizer

Chic Clarins moisturizer

It comes in a pinky fresh gel, slightly perfumed, packed into a glass pot. It’s a classic from Clarins, but nevertheless it’s still a wonderful hydrating product. When I’ve tried it for the first time thanks to a sample, I was maybe too young to benefit from its anti-wrinkles properties and thus I wasn’t that much impressed. But now that my skin needs the first protections from aging, I think it’s one of the best purchases I’ve done so far.

Thanks to its fair price and good value for money, Clarins Multi Active Jour Gelée lissante rides précoces is a best seller. But sometimes what happens with similar products is that people tend to buy them only for the convenient price of the huge commercial hype on the magazines. Believe me, this moisturizer is brilliant. If your complexion is normal to combination, or even a bit dry, you’ll appreciate it in this season, because it doesn’t feel wet or greasy as most anti-wrinkles.

I’ve been suggested by the beauty expert in the shop to apply it twice on both face and neck. A thick layer and then, 10 minutes after an other layer. Don’t worry, it’s not the typical suggestion to make you use more product and re-buy soon a new one. You’ll see the skin look juicy and lovely. Like a beautiful rose.

Clarins multiactive

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