Chic perfumed body lotion

Chich body lotion

Over the last weeks I’ve been dedicating a lot of space and time on this blog to skincare and make up products I recommend or I think are not worth the hype, to avoid you useless expenses. But I left not enough room to body skincare suggestions. So this post is dedicated to something special for the body, I hope you will like.

TIP #1 – As you see from the background, the first tip I recommend to take good care of your body healthy, wellness and beauty is to practice yoga. Nothing beautifies as this discipline. Breath, relax and find your harmony and balance.

TIP #2 – Moisturize while perfuming. As summer is approaching, I think the textures of what we smear on our bodies should turn to something fresher and lighter. Winter is the perfect moment to use balms, rich creams and nourishment, but when the sun start to heat, your body too feels thirsty of something else. Perfumed body lotions are a beauty must have, but how not to smell like a department store?

To answer the question, you should try Lostmarc’h Iroaz Body Milk. Never heard the name? Don’t worry, they’re a super-niche French brand, who makes very rare perfumes, candles and products for the bath. They’re from that fantastic northern region of France called “Bretagne” so full of ancient memories and natural beauties, where I wish you all to go on vacation at least once in your lives. You’ll step into magics. It’s absolutely stunning!

At Lostmarch’s they love to define themselves as “The Apothicaire des océans” which means “the pharmacy of the oceans”. Aren’t you already breathing the winds of the oceans at these very first words? “Iroaz” in the dialect of Bretagne means “rose” and the fragrance is based on a rich bouquet of roses, very sophisticated, elegant, but not invasive like most commercial flower scents. It’s unpredictable and very sensual.

I remember I discovered this rarity at L’Olfattorio in Milano. There was a press event at the Excelsior concept store, which had nothing to do actually with the body lotion, but while exploring the location with a friend, we found this “Bar à Parfumes” where their fantastic shop assistants let us taste unique perfumes. While my friend was absorbed by the beauty of one of the shop assistants and started flirting with him, I was looking for something to wear for late spring. I sprayed Iroaz on the inner side of the wrist, approached my friend, without saying a word and simply asked: “what do you think of this?” and his answer convinced me much more than any brand promise or seller’s impression:

“It’s you melted into a perfume”



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3 Responses to Chic perfumed body lotion

  1. ladyinplaster says:

    Any suggestions for something to put toes that are in a plaster cast. Mine will be sticking out of plaster all summer and they are already getting dry.

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