Not-chic products #1


One of the features I prefer the most on the e-commerce websites are the customers’ reviews and/or recommendations. Nothing can be as precious as the true judgement of an other person, who, far from any promotional attitude, (if we assume the judgement is not commercially driven) refers about a product or service he/she tried. You know, it’s so nice to discover something new or you wouldn’t expect to find, through the eyes of somebody else, as well as it is very helpful to be informed in advance that something can be disappointing, too expensive, not worth the try.

I’m normally quite skeptical towards what’s in the mainstream, before I try it on me. It’s not a snobbish attitude, but it’s simply a matter of keeping in mind that every molecule, substance, product can work differently on different people. And on top that, not all products keep the promises or are as it seems.

I thought it could be useful to add a section to this blog which covers the goods I would not recommend. Without blaming anybody’s work, I believe it’s always important to retrieve enough information and to be careful to what we buy. I’m not saying then that the “Not-chic products” are rubbish, but that for the same price there can be something else/better, or that these goods didn’t satisfy me or work well on my skin.

The first ones I’m dealing with are both from Kielh’s. I want to start with the Calendula herbal-extract alcohol-free toner, which I was suggested by a shop assistant in one of Kiehl’s shops in Milan last year, when I was strangely having a few breakouts on the cheeks, after years and years of perfect porcelain skin. He said the water we normally wash our skin with is too acid fand that a toner is paramount on every beauty routine, especially because the calendula extract would have improved my texture and brightness. The situation went far worse: breakouts started to happen more and more frequently and in a few weeks they turned into severe acne. I’m not saying that it was because of this toner, but surely my skin didn’t improve at all in that period. Checking the INCI of this toner, I discovered it contains crappy ingredients, such as methylparaben, propilene glycol and disodium EDTA. And you know what? It’s a super expensive toner: my bottle (8.4 oz) was 36 euros and even if it lasted a lot, I can say it was a very disappointing purchase.

During the same shopping by Kiehl’s, I bought a pot of the Ultra facial cream,which was the original reason why I entered the shop. I needed only a moisturizer, but the shop assistant was very good at selling more. Having heard and read so much about Kiehl’s over the time, I was eager to see the results on me. This moisturizer is a 24 hours formula you can use after the bath or shower in the morning and/or in the evening, after washing the face and removing the make up. It’s soft, rich but not greasy, and easy to wear cream, even under the foundation, but since my trial coincided with the bad episode of the little blackheads turned into bad pimples, I’m sure I will not re-buy it for a long long time. It contains here again many bad chemicals we shouldn’t smear on our faces, both because they’re harmful to the health and because there can be safe alternatives. Sneak a peak here for more about it and be cautious to what you buy.


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