Chic but super cheap manicure

Since I was 17, I got cracking at my manicure, playing a lot with nail polishes of every kind and color. Shocking, pastel, dark, shimmery, transparent, as well as with bloody hell expensive ones and highly discounted too.

I cannot say I’m a nail expert now that my 17th birthday is so far away, because I feel much more as a  woman who loves to have fun with cosmetics and take advantage of the many enhances of today’s technology to beautify herself. Too superficial? Actually, as Oscar Wilde used to say, I like to think that “It is only shallow people who don’t judge by appearances”.

Considering the great effort I make every week to take good care of my nails, I thought to share something about my manicure routine. Especially, given that everything is pretty cheap here  (you could probably imitate it with any clever drugstore hunting ).  Here are the steps I normally make and the products I used in this case:

  1. The nail base: No matter of the nail polish you’re applying, don’t forget to use a base. Please, don’t. A good base will protect your nails health and natural color, it will not change your life or bring Heaven to earth, but, believe me, it’s important. Here I used Essence Show your feet, because it has a whitening property, which I love on both feet and hand nails. The company has recently released a new whitening line, with a product that look squite the same as Show your feet and is now called Studio Nails Pro White effect.
  2. The cuticle moisturizing: The perfect match to an evenly painted nail is of course an healthy hand. I see cuticles as the frame of a nice picture or print hung to the wall. It doesn’t stand alone. It needs a good frame. This is why I never forget to apply some hand cream every morning and evening, before switching off the light and falling asleep. But sometimes, mostly in winter or after doing the household chores, (yes, I do them!!!) the hand cream may be not enough. Nourish your cuticles, instead of cutting them, and the manicure will look nicer. I bought mine in Germany, by DM, a very well-equipped drugstore chain. The product is called P2 apricot cuticle cream. If you prefer an oil, or a different cream, or you’re not planning to travel to Germany to purchase a cheap cuticle moisturizer, no panic, you’ll find your perfect budget-saving product.
  3. The nail polish: Sometimes picking up the right nail polish is a matter of luck. On the market there can be mainstream brands that work well on everybody, but for some strange reason, never dry on your hands or get cracked very soon, even though you don’t spend the whole day typing. As well as there can be cheap products with a fantastic value for money. And it’s the case of KiKo nailpolishes. This I’m wearing in the picture is the shade n° 385 and is called Pastel Blue. It comes out fairer than you see it online, but is very nice on the nails. And I think it’s an appropriate hue for the season we’re in. Springtime is not only for nude or pinkish shades. There’s much more to wear, luckily!
  4. The nail polish drying As a good friend told me, what makes a manicure last longer is the good application of the enamel. Somebody prefer to do it through three big strokes, one at the center and two at the sides of each nail, somebody else on the contrary goes for many short movements of the brush on the nail surface all along the lenght of the nail. Which technique do I use? It depends on the occasions and on the formula of the product. But in any case, what I always do, is to wait at least two or three hours (yes, two or three hours!!!) to add the second layer of nail polish, because, my friend said, it needs to be perfectly dry before you pour a further coating. And talking about coating, I’ve noticed that the transparent, either glossy or mat, top coating people apply in the nail art shops tend to make the manicure more fragile and easier to be damaged. All personal feelings, as I said, I’m not a consultant nor a beauty expert, but only an apprentice. Well, more or less. 😉

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One Response to Chic but super cheap manicure

  1. I love that blue/periwinkle color! So pretty!

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