Chic killer heels

Chic heels

Over the past weeks and with the climate of Milano getting warmer and warmer I’ve been doing some shopping from my favorite shoes e-commerce websites, where I picked up a few items I’m pretty much chuffed with. Aren’t these electric blue shoes beautiful?And what’s more, despite of the heels and the shape, they are so much comfortable to wear!

Nothing can make you feel and look sexy like a new pair of quality décolleté with high heels. They add attitude and elegance to the posture, turning whatever outfit into a glamorous one. Most of the times, it’s worth investing more in the accessories, such as bags, shoes and jewellery than in the clothes themselves. And even if you have low budget, you will never regret having a few quality pieces you can wear with the cheapest of the leggings and shirts.

Personally I’m not a great fond of large, squared or cone heels, as well as I’m not a great lover of platforms. I would always put on stiletto heels or nothing. Of course in my wardrobe you will find also flat shoes or heels of different shapes, but those I’m absolutely proud of have slender, high heels.

Chic heels back

Before finding it on Yoox, I had no idea of who the brand 8 was. The available collection is quite wide and doesn’t include shoes only. You will find a series of clothes, necklaces, bags that look perfect for both day and evening. I love it because it’s very essential, though of high quality manufacturing.

The only weak point of these shoes, if we need to find one, is the fact the material is very very delicate, so that you will need to pray much attention to how and where you walk. The best would be to wear them indoor only, for a dinner, a party or even in the office, bringing with you a change.

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5 Responses to Chic killer heels

  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    A classic style with an electric blue finish. Great color. 😉

  2. ladyinplaster says:

    I can’t wait to get back into a pair of these, but it will be months.

    • Alessia says:

      Ouch! I read about your story: it must have been very hard! I experienced a similar mishap some time ago, so I know the feeling very well. Hope you can heal soon and feel ready for a wonderful pair of Jimmy Choo. 😉

      • ladyinplaster says:

        Did you end up in plaster? This is a horrible new experience for me. But nothing will keep me out of my Choos,,I hope.

  3. Alessia says:

    In my case, in order to skip surgery, I was forced to stay completely immobile for 3 months and to run long sessions of physiotherapy. My dreadful thought at that time was not forgetting pumps and the like, but being not able anymore to run, jump, dance and move like common people do. It changed my perspective towards my feet and how much/long I take care of them. I think it will happen to you too, once you’ve passed that, you understand the great value of your feet and whenever you can move freely, you feel so grateful and happy because you can only stand up and use your body without limitations or pain. So grateful and happy…

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