Chic May on the shelf


I haven’t been blogging for so long, that now I’m restarting again, more or less one year later, it feel like having never stopped. You can easily connect the previous post with the trip to Lisbon on April 2013, to this one, without no particular feeling of interruption in the middle. How strange!

Once again it’s spring and it’s time to take all your beautiful printed silken dresses out of the wardrobe, as it’s time again to rinse off all the grey of winter from your skin and let it glow, naturally. Spring is the season of re-birth, renovation, and of anything that brings light to life. And is the season, during the which, the skin needs still nourishment, but also protection from the sun’s beams.

A generous spray of flowery perfume on the whole body as you get out of the shower or bath may help you feel happy from the very start of the day.

A light-textured, perfectly mat illuminating primer may be the secret to look fabulous, no matter of your skin tone.

To get advantage of the season and reveal your inner beauty, the first step is a healthy skin. So this is my personal monthly selection of products for the skin, a sort of “best of” what I’ve been purchasing, testing, trialling, reading online over the last weeks. As my complexion tends to be very sensitive, you’ll see no lotions or toners, because I think they dry too much, really gentle cleansing products, rich creams and serums, and a fluid foundation.

What are your favourites of month for the skin?

This is what’s on my shelf now:

1. Bioderma, Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire, 500 ml

2. L’occitane en Provence, Mousse nettoyante Lumière, 50 ml promo

3. Avène, Eau Thermale, 200ml

4. Clarins, Vital light serum, dark spots correcting age repairing, 50 ml

5.Clinique, Even better, very dry to combination, 50 ml

6. Shiseido, Benefiance concentrated anti-wrinkle eye cream, 15ml

7. Chanel Le blanc, 30 ml

8. Clinique, Repairwear Laser focus, 30 ml

9. Collistar, Profumo dei sensi, 100 ml


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