Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin tone illuminator

Estee Lauder_Idealist

This is indeed the best season to use serums for the daily skincare: intensive yet gentle oil-free treatments which can help you recover from the summer intensive sun exposure and/or cope with a still very wet and unstable climate.

Usually serums are far more expensive than the common “cream”, because their ingredients and formulas are more concentrated and more specific. Personally, I think they worth such an investment, especially when they come from a brand such as Estee Lauder.

The Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator is one of the latest launched in Italy and I find it the best solution to brighten the skin and improve its look, with a healthy glow. So a must-have for spring and autumn, or everytime your complexion reflects stress and tiredness, which normally mean grey tone.

Although awarded as one of the best anti-aging products, I don’t think you need to be mature to use it..on the contrary, it perfectly fits the needs of all the skin types and ages, because it focuses on the reduction of unevenness, instead of lines and wrinkles.


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