Zara March lookbook



This is my whishlist from Zara March Lookbook.



Questa è la mia lista dei desideri dal Lookbook di marzo di Zara.




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Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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5 Responses to Zara March lookbook

  1. Hi
    These are so beautiful…. I love them
    I love to buy these ..


  2. Hi
    Always admiration sighted Zara‘s air books, so bracing and admiration the styling. Loving all the looks from the March ‘Woman’ air book, so apathetic and chic! Definitely active to alternate by Zara this period of time and examine down a few of the pieces.

  3. Claudia says:

    I love the third photo!! The skirt is lovely!!!
    Claudia from Turin

  4. Oh I adore that red skirt!

  5. Alessia says:

    Yeah, very lovely..

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