Chic morning skincare routine #1


Having been silent on skincare for a while, I though it was now time to drop into a complexion-centric post. So, let’s have a coffee together and get comfy! It’s all about a morning skincare routine in summer time.

To follow a chronological order, I should start with the bottle in the center of the picture above, then move to the left, and end up with the sleekest bottle on the right.

Step #1 – Cleansing: Instead of a foaming cleanser or soap, I prefer to use an “Eau micellaire”. What’s that? Micelle solutions, although very fashionable nowadays among the beauty addicts, are really more gentle to sensitive skin. You can use them in the morning, as well as a make up remover, because the clean up face, eyes and lips, maintaining the natural balance of the skin. If you’ve seen my night skin care routine, you should already know the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. If you’re looking for something else, Lierac Prescription Solution Micellaire can be an alternative.

Step#2 - Toner: In summer time my skin seems to be more thirsty than ever. I usually spray a thermal water, to replace the usual ‘toner’ as this kind of product is often too rich of alcohol and paradoxically more drying than moisturizing. I recently discovered an other French product, from L’Occitane, which is the Essential Face Water, which is an alcohol free toner, that leaves your skin smooth and is rich of anti-aging properties.

Step #3 – Serum: Moving to the final step in my regime, as I’m now using either a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream instead of a foundation, I need to prepare the skin a little differently.  Two layers of moisturizers sound me a bit weird, but the BB cream alone is not enough for my complexion. So what? I solved the puzzle thanks to an awesome serum! REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil is quite affordable to anyone, but performs really really well. It’s a not greasy formula, enriched with bio extracts and anti-oxidants that help the skin recover from sensitivity, dehydration, aging, acne spots. I’ve been using for a month now and I’m really happy about it. I’ll repurchase for sure.

Done! We’re now ready for a new day. Did you enjoy the coffee?


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Chic drugstore/cheap make up tag


So it seems like I’ve been recently tagged by the lovely Marilyn to do the drugstore/cheap make up post…Wow, it’s my first tag, so let’s see how it goes and thanks everyone in advance for reading it. I hope you will find it useful to your makeup routines and/or you next drugstore hauls. Thanks Marilyn, for mentioning me in your post! :)

So let’s get started!

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Chic summer weekend makeup

Chic weekend makeup

As today is Friday, I thought it could be the perfect time to think about weekend makeup essentials for summer. It’s all around natural looking skin ,with a bit of blush on the cheeks and a pop of color on the eyelids. ‘Essentials’ mean I don’t tend to over-makeup in this season and I suggest to cut down to just 6 bits.

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Chic name day celebration

chic name day

Today is my name day and since I always love to celebrate the 17th of July with a little something, I thought about sharing with you my 2014 self-present. It’s all about a drugstore beauty haul I’ve done last weekend and thanks to which I’ve now two sparkling eye shadows from L’oréal and two new Revlon blushes. The tinted moisturizer and the mascara sample were already in my collection, but I added them to style the rest, because I think they could create a wonderful look all together.

L’oréal Color Riche Ombre Pure is such an unpredictable product! One of the cheapest I’ve ever bought, first of all, and with such a value for money! It really surprised me! It’s a highly pigmented and shimmery eye shadow, which is available in several different colors, you can mix to create smokey eyes, pop flushes, transparency, etc…Or if you like, you can even use just one shade, and dust it on the eyelid, without any particular contrasts or 3D effects. I have the shades #602 Camaleon and #206 Little beige dress.

For a layered effect on the cheekbones, why not to try two different shades of blush, as we usually do with the eyes? I’ve seen this technique on the blog of a couple of make up artists, but I never tried it on me, using separate products. Nowadays, most of the blushes come in two different cakes: a mat and a sparkling one, or sometimes a darker and a lighter one, so that you can mix them together and create a “richer” color even before touching the skin. Perhaps two different blushes require more technique and more time. But when I saw Revlon Powder Blush in the shades #008 Racy Rose and #006 Naughty Nude, I was sure they could be blended one next to the other. So chic!




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Chic sized-to-fly

chic_sized to fly

Whenever you’re catching a plane or planning a trip somewhere, the beauty bag may become a stress, rather than a pleasure. The big trouble is in fact how to pack all the bottles and sometimes heavy packages we normally use on an daily base, in a limited space and under the strict volume allowance, without laying down our beauty skincare routines.

The Swiss brand HQ is one of the most famous available on the market, specializing in mask and beauty treatments in mini dose format. I really love the concept of a high end brand that becomes affordable to anyone, thanks to a limited amount of product, which is enough for a few applications and noticeable results. “Buy just what you need”, this is more or less the philosophy. Having the chance to switch from a product to an other, without breaking the bank for a cream.

Its smoothing mask, which has recently undergone a re-design of the packaging, belongs to the cleansing range and is conceived to enhance radiance, while stimulating cellular renovation. The usage is super easy: apply a thick layer on a clean complexion and let it rest to up to 15 minutes, then rinse with a whipe and/or wash out. I just feel a little tingle in the very last minutes of pose, but for the rest it works beautifully and my skin looks then bright and clean. An other beauty secret weapon I really recommend ;-)

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Chic scent of a love trip


A trip to China, through the disappearing Beijing’s hutongs, sippling a hot cup of jasmine tea, wandering from gallery to gallery in the contemporary art district (798) and enjoying a walk in the silence of ancient temples, far away from the traffic and the crowded shopping districts. A romantic dinner at the 64th floor, where everything and everybody else seems to disappear, an entire afternoon spent “skating” with a old cycle on a frozen lake, embracing and winning a speed race with the locals. A city, you wouldn’t probably have seen in your whole life and which you have the chance to discover hand in hand with the man you love. His smile, your smile. Exotic rituals, meals with unutterable names, people who’ve never seen a woman as pale as you. And above all, the magical scent of well being. How does the perfume of a love trip to China smells like?

It’s luminous, seductive, fragrant and mysterious, like Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir. A precious perfume, that has now got a completely new meaning to you. A perfume that has become the scent of your love trip to China.

To anybody else, Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir is an elegant eau de parfum, built around the richness of the jasmine flower, symbol of beauty and luxury, enlightened by notes of lily and citrus, that becomes sensual and oriental, thanks to vibrant woods, patchouli and musk. In the same range you’ll find, besides the fragrance, also bath and shower gel and a sparkling body lotion. Everything you need to feel fabulous and glamorous. Because as Coco Chanel used to say, a woman should perfume herself wherever she would like to be kissed. And if your desire is to be kissed anywhere, shower gel and body lotion will give a big hand.

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Chic secret weapons

chic secret weapons

I’ve been changing up my foundation recently, leaning towards tinted moisturizer and/or BB cream, which mean of course less coverage and darker tones. But whenever my make up needs to stay untouched all day long, I still feel the need of something extra. Instead of cloaking the skin with a loose powder, that makes me sweat and look a bit chalky, I tried to get back to my primers collection and I gave a chance to Make Up Forever HD Definition Elixir.

It’s a primer, with a serum formula, but the good news is that it doesn’t contain parabens or oils and just two pumps are enough to cover the whole face. I normally apply this only in special days, in winter time, so it’s very much awkward for me to give a go in July. So what’s going on? I thought, that “HD” may have something to do with extreme conditions, heat, stress and the like and I was right. This product is definitely a secret weapon!

To conceal my awful under eye circles, I’ve been reaching for Make Up Forever HD High Definition concealer. Conceived not to be seen on high-definition televisions, it brightens the eye area and covers all the imperfections. The packaging has a weird silicon, soft end, which enables a very precise application. My shade is the fairest one, but you can choose among 14 different shades. I think enough to stay invisible on anybody and truly act as a secret weapon, isn’t it?

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Chic new addition to the skincare shelf

Chic skincare addition

It seems like water sprays and ‘alternative’ toners have been having a moment around. And since here I cannot buy the famous La Roche Posay’s Serozinc anyone seems to be posting about, I found a way to survive, without feeling totally ‘out’. I’ve been brought up in one of the most famous spa-towns in Italy, which is called Salsomaggiore Terme and like most of the people who live there, I’ve used the local thermal products just a very few times in my life. What’s wrong with them? You know, it’s the usual refrain, ‘a prophet is never respected in his own home’. Until you read tons of blogs dealing with water sprays and you realize that the small town where you’ve lived for the last 26 years has magical thermal waters used for ages to cure diseases, heal the skin, etc, etc…

So now, you can see me armed with a bottle of thermal water spay in the bathroom, ready to use it after the shower in the morning, as well as part of the night skincare routine, before going to sleep. If you don’t mind the very salty smell, it’s the best product in the world, as it’s not a silly bottle of super expensive, but completely useless tap water, but a true spa treatment you can give yourself for less than a tenner.


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Chic sexy nude lips

Chic nude lips

Prepare not to be wowed, but to see just one of my favorite lip products in action. Most notably, it’s a nude pink lip balm, which I’ve been using massively during the last month and which I absolutely recommend anyone. I’m talking of Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector one of my last addictions, which I’ve already mentioned in June in a post dedicated to lip products I love.

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Chic self-pampering

Chic self pampering

Do you have a special “pamper yourself” ritual? And how’s your personal recipe? Or better, what are the ingredients of your perfect self-pampering ritual? And do you tend to pamper yourself more when you feel very good or when you’re mostly down, sad and overturned?

I think a perfect self-pampering ritual should include at least something for the ‘outer-me’ and something for the ‘inner-me’. This means in other words, a good balance between food for the soul and food for the body. In the latter category, for me there must be for sure a huge cup of fresh raspberries, beautifully glazed with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

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