Golden goddess

Golden goddess

What’s the color of summer? If I had to pick one, it would be gold for sure. Summer is that shiny light of sun on the surface of the sea at midday. When you can’t keep your eyes open and water seems broken into thousands of scales. Summer is the golden sand that burns your bare feet, when you walk along the seaside. Is the ripe wheat in the fields, ready to be store in the barns. Summer is a glittering body oil, a shimmery eye shadow, a tanning cream, a rich serum to restore the skin after long sun-bathing.

With these fantastic 5 in your beauty bag, you’ll be sure to feel like a golden goddess:

Angstrom Latte Solare ultraprotettivois conceived for sensitive skinned goddesses and allows even the most reactive complexions to stay in the sun, freely. It’s parabens free, water-resistant, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and it doesn’t contain fragrances or colorants.

YSL Cinéma Glittering Body Oil – The most self-indulgent ritual for a golden goddess is to massage the body with a scented, lightly sparkling oil. This one from Yves Saint Laurent has the same fragrance of the successful perfume ‘Cinéma’.

L’Oréal Color Riche Monos in the shade 206 Little beige dress - Ridiculously cheap, this eye shadow covers your lids with champagne-beige-golden reflections. You can blend it in a few seconds with the finger tips and it lasts all day long. And last but not least, it’s sized to fly with you.

Ren Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil - ( I know the naming is too long to remember) but the product is surely one of my best buys of the season.

Revlon Powder Blush in the shade #006 Naughty Nude –  I like to apply this only on the outer corner of the apples, to create a very natural and light shade. The sensation it leaves on the skin is very soft and smooth. A fantastic value for money!

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Chic lavande

Chic lavender

Provence, South of France. Immense fields of lavender spreading around their unique, fresh perfume. Captured into natural oils or dried blossoms, that perfume can last for years into a drawer full of linen and bath towels. To me, lavender has always been the scent of my grand-mother super-white and richly embroidered linen, hanging in the courtyard to dry in the sun. For those who have been in Provence, that scent is the scent of the whole region. For those who dream of going there, sooner or later, the only chance to breathe a bit of the local atmosphere and poetry is buying a lavender-scented little ‘something’.

But take care, there are a lot of imitations and ‘fake French lavender’ around.

For those who like to paint their nails with this mysterious and elegant color, there’s the Kiko Nail Lacquer in the shade #337 Periwinkle Violet.

The Pupa Princess Palette will give beauty queens and princesses that sophisticated lavender touch on the eyes that looks elegant and extremely beautiful on everybody.

For a glam detail, try a lavender bracelet.


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Chic detox mask


My no-make up week has just started. I know I know, seven days without make up for a beauty addict may seem like eternity. But believe me, once in a year is something I can afford and I strongly recommend anybody.

To enhance the results of this detox regime, I thought to introduce a good purifying facial mask. Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Puryfing Mask is rich in actives such as Amazonian clay, Aloe, Calendula, Manuka honey, essential oils of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lavender and Rosemary all with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action. A good solution for my spot prone skin which pollution and emotional stress turned into a very reactive one.

If you can stand a strong smell of herbs, clay and natural ingredient, it’s your product, but if you can’t, it’s better to store it into a plastic hermetic bag and to leave it aside from anything else in your beauty drawer.

The packaging is quite compact and perfect for a travel bag. For the rest, you can use it as any other facial mask: twice a week, applying a thick layer of it on clean skin and removing it after ten minutes with a warm clean cloth.

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Chic contrasts

Chic contrasts

Dior pink blush and Mac eye shadows palette. These words together could sound to the ears of beauty the perfect formula to chic make up.

Although much has changed over the years in my personal make up top ten, I must admit that Dior and Mac never passed away from my list. But since I find contrasts really intriguing, I made a test, trying to apply these beautiful-high-end powdered products with low cost brushes.

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Chic green eyes

Green on green doesn’t work. I know. To enhance green eyes, one should wear hot colors, such as orange, pink, warm browns, copper, burgundy and so on…But if your eyes are a mixture of green-blue-grey-whatever color, a touch of bright emerald green next to a thick black line will enhance quite ‘mysteriously’ the natural green shade of your iris.

These in the picture are the eye pencils I’ve been using the most over the last months. You’ll see a classic black Chanel kajal, a nude pink for the inner lash line, a few blue ones from Make Up for Ever, one darker than the other and two different greens: one more watery-emerald, and an other one which is more olive-sage green.

Whenever I’m looking for a pop of color on the eyelids, I tend to go for green.

What do you think? Shall I try something different?



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Chic feet care

chic feet care

The hot temperatures of these days are pushing us all to look longer down at our feet. Whether you do your pedis at home or not, there’s always a good reason to enjoy a feet massage with a good quality balm. And in this particular category, I must admit I can be more exigent that with any make up product or skin care treatment. Feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies. We stand on them, we walk, run, dance, move thanks to our feet. And personally I see them as a seduction tool.

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Shiseido color enhancing trio


I know, I know, you’ve probably seen it many times on my blog as one of my top recommendations over the last months. It’s the Shiseido color enhancing trio an all-in-one compact blush in three different shades and textures, you can use either all together or not, to sculpt, enhance, highlight the face. I tried this also as an allover, sweeping it from the forehead to the chin and the final look was really beautiful. So that people told me many times ‘You look great today’.

Given that I’ve been requested a more detailed review of this product, here you get my thoughts on it, as well as a few swatches of the three shades. I hope you’ll find it useful :)

Now, getting back to the product, a reason why to love it is first of all the very compact packaging. Equipped with a flat handy brush, it will help you save space and also money. Personally i don’t feel the need to use it with an other, stand alone brush. But this is only my personal feeling.


As regards the color, I picked up the #RD1 Apple, which I think is the most suitable to very fair complexions with a natural pink undertone. As mine, for instance. The three powders are all a little shimmery, not too much pigmented, and very easy to blend. Personally in the hot season, I enjoy something not totally matte and by the way the shimmery of this blusher is very very soft and not too evident.

Starting with the fairest color in the palette, it’s a nude apricot pink with a very subtle champagne undertone, that makes it brighter and hotter. (left of my arm)

That in the middle, which you can use to contour the face or as a soft bronzer, has a honey-biscuit shade with a lot of reflections. (center of my arm)

The deep pink instead, once applied reveals its gorgeous soft-coraly pink shade. (right of my arm)

All together, they’re a fantastic 3 dimensional powder.

I haven’t tried the other shades of the collection, but in case you did, I’d be curious to know what you think. Enjoy!


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Chic pink


Summer is finally at its top. Good news isn’t it? This means we can enjoy the hot beams of August among a cocktail on the beach, a party out with friends, a swim at the pool. But don’t forget to be kind with your body, when spending a lot of (good) time outdoors. Those gorgeous, lovely beams can also dry up your hair, sensitize the skin, damage your face. To avoid all that, I thought about sharing with you a few beauty picks, that could make our summer even lovelier. Curious to know what’s in the picture? So let’s get started:

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Chic Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile

Chic Acqua di Parma_Magnolia

Inspired by the gardens of Italy majestic Lake Como region, Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile aims to be the natural expression of understated elegance. The expression of a woman with innate charisma, who unfolds herself, little by little, and whose personality seduces for ever. A subtle and unforgettable charm.

Between this fragrance and me there’s something I cannot explain. I breathe the scent of well being in it and perhaps of me as well. It’s not a typical sweet flowery scent. You perceive fresh and joyful notes of citrus trees, next to hotter and sensual ones, that add to the romantic heart something more Mediterranean. Maybe this is due to the wise mixture of Italian bergamot, lemon, and citron, that blend seamlessly with magnolia.

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Chic sage green dress


During the lessons of cinema at University, I remember our teacher told us a lot about the symbolic usage of green in the movies of Alfred Hitchcock. In ‘A rear window’ for instance, the marvelous Grace Kelly is often in green, as well as throughout ‘Vertigo’, the light represents mystery.

But it’s not that easy for a woman to wear green dresses, without looking a bit ‘washed out’. Perhaps easier if your complexion tends to a pink undertone and your hair is golden-blond, it can be quite challenging for yellowy undertones and dark hair.

This silken sage-green dress has been in my wardrobe for long time. I remember I bought it in Liverpool, during a small trip with a colleague in 2008, but since then I’ve been wearing it just a few times. If you ask around, it’s quite difficult to see me in green.


So what happened?

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