Chic Dior stash

Chic Dior

When I first really got into makeup I was 18 and the purchase was a Dior gloss in stick format. I still have the case at home, but of course I’ve used all the content. Dior has been my first brand and in a sense, my true ‘first time’, because I bought that gloss thanks to my savings. It was a self-present for my high-school graduation.

And for that reason, I treated it as a little treasure. Though not a student anymore, I still find quite hard to buy an entire collection from Dior. And so, I tend to select items according to my personal ‘priorities’.

If I had to select only 5 items to bring with me on a desert island or to educate somebody to the cult of the Dior makeup, I’d certainly recommend:

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Chic September on the shelf

Chic September on the shelf

Hello ladies! Are you all finally back from holidays and ready to enjoy a wonderful new month? If you’re following me on Instagram, you know I’ve spent an exciting week in Paris! I will tell you more in detail soon, because I have lots to share with you about travel beauty bags, last additions to my beauty arsenal, Parisian shopping and tips to enjoy the city, without having to break the bank or wait for hours and hours in a queue at the Louvre.

As I haven’t been using much make up in August, thanks to an entire detox ‘week off’ regime, this September issue of the monthly beauty shelf will feature just one make up product I’m really loving. The rest is all about skin care, hair care and nail care to stay chic, energetic and in love with the seasonal mood.

La Roche Posay Serozincthis is a Holy Grail for me! And after ages spent reading about its unique beautifying properties on the blogs of half world, finally it’s now in my hands!

Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus creme - I’ve been loving this moisturizer since the very first application. If you can stand the smell of herbs, which I like for instance, you’ll love the formula. It’s fresh, calming, nourishing, awesome. A good treatment for all of us who’ve a ‘bizarre complexion’, which is a weird mixture of combination, sensitive, dry, blemish prone.

Essie #Marshmallow – a chic Parisian touch on your nails? For all those who enjoy a ladylike manicure every since and then, this nail polish is surprisingly handy. Why surprisingly? Because I’m not a great fond of the Essie nail polishes. Heresy? Perhaps, but as I like those who make me change my mind, I’m glad to say that this color is really worth the purchase. It’s very light and understated and behaves absolutely well during the application and drying.

Sallie Hansen Miracle cure for severe nails problems - I think the name is enough self-explicative in itself, so I’m not adding much more. I’m at the third application of this now, and I think it’s a powerful nail strengthener. Of course I’m integrating also with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but I noticed that a good product for the nails can helps to improve them a lot, while letting the manicure last longer.

Ysance nail polish remover – The bottle contains a soggy foam in which you insert the fingers, one at a time, and use to remove polishes without leaving any traces. It erased my deep red manicure in a moment. My fingers were left perfectly clean, I didn’t notice any dryness on the nails and furthermore it’s a drugstore product you can buy in France at a very cheap price (2.50 Euros). I didn’t check if it’s available also abroad, but as I found this amazing, I though about dropping down a line on it as well!

Kérastase Bain Vital Dermo Calm - Sometimes the wrong shampoo can damage both hair and skin. Most of those available on the market are very aggressive and definitely not suitable to a frequent usage or to delicate skin and hair. If you wash your hair too often (as I do for instance) or are a very stressed person, you may experience scalp sensitivity, which means itchiness, hair fall-out, scalp redness. What to do then? I’m not a doctor, but you won’t need a specialist to understand that a very gentle product to wash your hair can be better. Kérastase Bain Vital Dermo Calm is formulated to meet the needs of those of us who need extra gentle care when talking about shampoos. Alert! It’s foamy, scented and not a pharmacy one.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze – This product is a make up gem. The packaging reminds me a lot of Estée Lauder and Guerlain, which doesn’t mean it’s a dupe, but that it looks like a high-end bronzer, though from The Body shop. It’s a pressed bronzing powder, enriched with honey that is available in 4 different shades and the good news are that it has a super-fair pricing, a highly-portable packaging and that the fairest shade which can be applied also by moon-skinned people like me. Hurrah!

Enough for a wonderful September?

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Chic orange manicure

Chic orange manicure

Sundays are supposed to be the day of family lunches, relax and soft jogging at the park. For me they tend to include all those pampering rituals I cannot enjoy during the rest of the week, due to lack of time.

And a good manicure session is one of those rituals. If you don’t aim to reach highly professional results, this is the kind of beauty routine, you can enjoy at home, saving a little bit on your weekly budget.

Recently I’ve been adding a surprisingly new flush to my ‘usual’ colors. A peachy-orange-pink shade, to which I added a golden shimmery top-coat on some fingers, for an extra glamor. The final result is classy and vibrant.

The nail polish here is, like most of the times, from Kiko and is the Nail Lacquer in the shade #358 Peach Rose.

Beautiful and inspiring name, isn’t it?

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Chic morning skincare routine #2

chic morning skincare routine

I’ve never understood if it’s a beauty myth or not, but I’ve always been suggested to update the skin care routine from time to time. It seems that our complexion gets used at those treatments we give her quite soon, so that it’s impossible to take the best out of a cleanser or a toner for ages. So, here I am, with my new beauty regime.

Perhaps some of these could enter yours soon. Hope so!

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Chic deep blue manicure

chic deep blue manicure

Summertime laziness. A relaxing playlist in your ipod. A terrace full of sun. An aged best seller you’ve never wanted to open during the big big hype. But which is nowadays ringing your bell. And that sense of ‘I don’t know what to do’ on a Sunday afternoon. I’d suggest taking care of your nails, while reading a book, no matter which title arouses your curiosity, as the best antidote to the total lack of activity.

Summer is ending soon, I know, but in the meanwhile, you can still enjoy a deep blue manicure, that reminds both the mistery of the oceans’ depths, and the color of the sky in a dark night of autumn. But don’t worry, it’s no effort, again. The nail polish I used is Kiko Nail Lacquer in the shade #266 Ultramarine blue.

I applied two coats, on a transparent base, as usual, without adding anything on top. It got dried very soon and the application was very easy and smooth.

And, by the way, the book was less bad than expected. ;-)

But now that you know mine, what are you typical relaxing rituals at the weekends?

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Feelunique haul #1

Feelunique haulWhen my mom wants to pull my leg a little bit, she says I’m all the time in front of the page. But this is not right, I swear! ;-)

I only give a check at my favorite items to see if anything has gone on offer. And to be honest, for a beauty addict, I’ve been waiting too long to try my first and I say my first Real Techniques make up brush! I could I live without it? It’s still a mystery.

As the package faced an international shipping, the delivery took a bit of time, but I didn’t experience any troubles. I received all my items, next to a few samples and the chance to receive 10% discount on my favorite brand forever. Sound good?

What else did I buy from Feelunique?

A few skincare wonders that have jumped soon on top of my personal list.

Ole Henriksen Vitamin plus creme – A ‘classic’ lightweight mattifying moistrurizer that heals acne or blemish prone skin, without drying it too much. Depending on your complexion, this can be a good treatment also for mid-seasons or for those moments of the year when the weather conditions are kind of ‘in between’. I apply this twice a day, as part of my AM and PM skin care regime and over the last week my skin has improved a lot.

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Facial mask - Run girls, run! It’s now on sale with 25% discount. A good reason to try it! I’ve already mentioned this fantastic mask among the best recommendations for August, as well as in a more detailed post here and I would suggest it everyone. Don’t be mislead by the fact it’s against oiliness, as unlike most of the clay purifying masks, this doesn’t dry the skin. It’s more a natural, soft detox. And you’ll see a supple, toned, clear result at the end.

REN Claryfing Toner - is my super hero at the moment. This is an alcohol free acid toner that acts more like an exfoliator, rather than a classic toner. Thanks to its glycolic acid, it unclogs pores, minimizes oiliness and prevents future breakouts. It’s conceived for an antimicrobial action, which anybody needs. No matter of dry skinned or oily skinned. Acid toners are great. This is the first i try and though a bit scary about irritations or bad reactions on me, it behaved wonderfully! It calmed my skin down and helped reduce the redness and dirtiness of my blemishes in just one week usage. I tap a little of this on a cotton pad twice a day and then go on with serum and moisturizer. Very simple but revolutionary! And I’m sure I will use it till the last drop and repurchase.

Real Techniques Blush Brush – Again girls, run, run! At the moment when I’m posting, this item is on sale as well. Sincerely it didn’t need any particular reductions, as the starting price is fair and affordable. Why did I wait so long for my first Real Techniques ? When I see big hypes on beauty products online, I tend to be quite skeptical…You know the feeling, it seems like there’s nothing else in the category and everyone gets crazy for the same item all over the world. Madness! We’re so different one from each other and there are so many brands around…but with the Real Techniques brushes, I can say the big success is well earned. The blush brush has ultra-thick bristles, thanks to which you can create really soft shades, without being a make up pro. But feeling like you were. I tried it with bronzers, blushers and even loose powders and I’ve been really impressed by the final look! Furthermore it’s a cruelty-free product and you can wash it with a tiny bit of little liquid soap to remove any leftovers or bacteria. Great great purchase!

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Chic Zara top

Chic Sephora top

Sometimes the unexpected things are far better than those you’ve been long craving for.

Imagine a Zara haul with a couple of friends, lots of basic items you try and mix and suggest each other, next to accessories, shoes, hats, printed pants, jackets, tops and tops and tops…until you finally decide to follow the queue for the check-out counter and while you pay for your goods, your eyes stare at an apricot-salmon pink ‘something’ you haven’t tried, but is strangely put by the shop assistant inside your bag. Your mind realizes into a flash ‘What’s that? Where did I pick it up? Wow it looks beautiful’ and it’s done, you pay, you get out and there’s a new top in your wardrobe which wasn’t in your wishlist, but is luckily in the right size and color. Amazing!

Sleevess top

It sounds incredible, but it’s the right model, the right fit, the right fabric for me. I’m speechless!

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Golden goddess

Golden goddess

What’s the color of summer? If I had to pick one, it would be gold for sure. Summer is that shiny light of sun on the surface of the sea at midday. When you can’t keep your eyes open and water seems broken into thousands of scales. Summer is the golden sand that burns your bare feet, when you walk along the seaside. Is the ripe wheat in the fields, ready to be store in the barns. Summer is a glittering body oil, a shimmery eye shadow, a tanning cream, a rich serum to restore the skin after long sun-bathing.

With these fantastic 5 in your beauty bag, you’ll be sure to feel like a golden goddess:

Angstrom Latte Solare ultraprotettivois conceived for sensitive skinned goddesses and allows even the most reactive complexions to stay in the sun, freely. It’s parabens free, water-resistant, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and it doesn’t contain fragrances or colorants.

YSL Cinéma Glittering Body Oil – The most self-indulgent ritual for a golden goddess is to massage the body with a scented, lightly sparkling oil. This one from Yves Saint Laurent has the same fragrance of the successful perfume ‘Cinéma’.

L’Oréal Color Riche Monos in the shade 206 Little beige dress - Ridiculously cheap, this eye shadow covers your lids with champagne-beige-golden reflections. You can blend it in a few seconds with the finger tips and it lasts all day long. And last but not least, it’s sized to fly with you.

Ren Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil - ( I know the naming is too long to remember) but the product is surely one of my best buys of the season.

Revlon Powder Blush in the shade #006 Naughty Nude –  I like to apply this only on the outer corner of the apples, to create a very natural and light shade. The sensation it leaves on the skin is very soft and smooth. A fantastic value for money!

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Chic lavande

Chic lavender

Provence, South of France. Immense fields of lavender spreading around their unique, fresh perfume. Captured into natural oils or dried blossoms, that perfume can last for years into a drawer full of linen and bath towels. To me, lavender has always been the scent of my grand-mother super-white and richly embroidered linen, hanging in the courtyard to dry in the sun. For those who have been in Provence, that scent is the scent of the whole region. For those who dream of going there, sooner or later, the only chance to breathe a bit of the local atmosphere and poetry is buying a lavender-scented little ‘something’.

But take care, there are a lot of imitations and ‘fake French lavender’ around.

For those who like to paint their nails with this mysterious and elegant color, there’s the Kiko Nail Lacquer in the shade #337 Periwinkle Violet.

The Pupa Princess Palette will give beauty queens and princesses that sophisticated lavender touch on the eyes that looks elegant and extremely beautiful on everybody.

For a glam detail, try a lavender bracelet.


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Chic detox mask


My no-make up week has just started. I know I know, seven days without make up for a beauty addict may seem like eternity. But believe me, once in a year is something I can afford and I strongly recommend anybody.

To enhance the results of this detox regime, I thought to introduce a good purifying facial mask. Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Puryfing Mask is rich in actives such as Amazonian clay, Aloe, Calendula, Manuka honey, essential oils of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Lavender and Rosemary all with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action. A good solution for my spot prone skin which pollution and emotional stress turned into a very reactive one.

If you can stand a strong smell of herbs, clay and natural ingredient, it’s your product, but if you can’t, it’s better to store it into a plastic hermetic bag and to leave it aside from anything else in your beauty drawer.

The packaging is quite compact and perfect for a travel bag. For the rest, you can use it as any other facial mask: twice a week, applying a thick layer of it on clean skin and removing it after ten minutes with a warm clean cloth.

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