Chic silken dress


Recently, since we had a big Bank holiday in my country, I decided to spent some vacation days abroad, in Portugal. Lisbon is such an expected city! And I must confess, this was my first visit. Old and modern, so full of light, colors and life, Lisbon has a magic of its own. To be ready for a walk around, I took out of my suitcase one of my best silken dresses, with a colorful print, a pair of black leggins, my beloved black flats (the city is built on seven hills, and not the best one to wear high heels) and a silken scarf, because the wind is always blowing in Portugal.

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Chic YSL éclat



YSL make up is terribly chic, with its precious, golden packaging. Try to take out of your handbag a lipstick or a powder for the face to refinish your make up or to reapply it, after a dinner, and you’ll see the people around you…

I haven’t got many YSL products in my beauty case, because I usually buy them as a present for the friends or for my mum, waiting that they will do the same for me…but unluckily it doesn’t happen so far. The few products I have are among my favourite ones, not only for the packaging.

The first time I tried to use Touche éclat from YSL the pen was not working at all and I felt so sorry for my last purchase, because I really wanted to try this extraordinary concealer, once back home, but I couldn’t have any drop on my face. No “touch” at all. Then I went on clicking on the black button at the very end of the pen for minutes and it started working, after a while, but the experience was not as nice as I expected. If you happen to buy it, be aware it may take a long to work, but this means it’s not broken. It requires patience. :)

Luckily the product is really performing what it promises to do. It gives light to your face,  hides the darkest spots, helps you have a glowy, flawless aspect, which is important no matter of your skin tone. Of course on mine, which is very pale, darkest spots are more evident, and so is the effect bonne mine, when I’m capable of creating it.

My color is of course the lightest, so n°1, but it’s available also for darker shades of skin.

For higher light, you can match it with a golden touch of eyeshadow on the eyelids from YSL ombre solo, n°15 Gold leaf.  It’s a powder eyeshadow, you can apply with both finger tips and brush, which looks wonderful on every eye color.


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Chic burgundy

Chic burgundy


Is there a color for fall in your mind? Well that color for me is burgundy. Since I was a child, anytime I had to think about fall and months like October and November, I had in mind that deep hue of red-brown-purple which is burgundy. A very rich and elegant color, I have to say, which is perfect in any retro style. But in this case, for my bag and shoes, I tried something a little younger than the many serious and a bit 50′ burgundy outfits I’ve seen on the web.

I don’t mean mine is better, don’t get me wrong. I simply wanted to try something nearer to my age and to how I feel everyday, that’s all.

Hat: Accessorize / Sunglasses: German market / Jacket: taylormade/ Shirt: Zara /Jeans: 7 for all mankind/Handbag and pumps: Topshop

burgundy outfit

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Low cost cosmetics

lowcost cosmetics feet cream

Quality products don’t necessarily need to be expensive. On the contrary, personally I think quality has also much to do with affordable prices and respect for the customer.

This is why I decided to star blogging also about low cost products, in case I find them trustworthy and well performing.

The first product I want to review is this foot balm from the German private label “Balea”. You can find them in the DM drugstores or online on Amazon

Given that I have very sensitive and delicate skin, it often happens that my feet need extra treatments and recovery treatments after a long night on high heels or simply anytime I wear new shoes or walk and run a lot. (yes I’m a runner as well). This is the reason why I’m always been purchasing creams and balms for the feet, to nourish the skin and soften any thickening.  And sometimes this purchases have just been a big loss of money, because the products were just brand brand brand and no substance. Or in case of something cheap, the result has been awful.

The Wellness Fuss Butter by Balea perfectly moisturizes your feet, without covering them with a grease gloss. If you have any previous experience of balms for the feet, you know that you should work the product a little bit with a massage and then wait a couple of minutes before to wear any pair of shoes…

The texture is soft, smooth and rich. The perfume nice, fresh and not too strong, but pleasant after the bath or shower, thanks to the natural extracts of mint and lemongras. The pot is very generous, so that the balm will last up to 3-4 months for sure and it really worths the expense (5,90 euros).

It’s the best beauty ritual to end  every stressing working day.


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Chic Aquamarine

Chic aquamarine pochette

Two weeks ago I’ve been taken these pictures while spending a weekend at home with my parents. I was wearing a really watery outfit based on green, blue and white. In my wardrobe such colours are not so frequent so it’s something special to see me dressed like this.

In the small village I’ve been brought up we have two big parks and lots of green, luckily, so on Sundays we usually go out for a walk and eat an icecream or do a little shopping in the few shops. This is why I normally don’t put my high heels in the suitcase, because I’m sure I would not wear them. These shoes are very confortable and easy. I remember I bought them in Florence in one of the traditional leather shops next to the Santa Maria Novella Church. Even if a bit aged, they’re still so soft and lovely.

chic aquamarine ballerinas

And this is the rest of the look with this wounderful aquamarine green shirt that really resembles the water of the fountain behind me. Don’t you think?

Jacket: H&M / Shirt and trousers: Zara /Pochette: Vintage / Shoes: Florence local shop/ Makeup: Lancome

chic aquamarine shirt


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Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin tone illuminator

Estee Lauder_Idealist

This is indeed the best season to use serums for the daily skincare: intensive yet gentle oil-free treatments which can help you recover from the summer intensive sun exposure and/or cope with a still very wet and unstable climate.

Usually serums are far more expensive than the common “cream”, because their ingredients and formulas are more concentrated and more specific. Personally, I think they worth such an investment, especially when they come from a brand such as Estee Lauder.

The Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator is one of the latest launched in Italy and I find it the best solution to brighten the skin and improve its look, with a healthy glow. So a must-have for spring and autumn, or everytime your complexion reflects stress and tiredness, which normally mean grey tone.

Although awarded as one of the best anti-aging products, I don’t think you need to be mature to use it..on the contrary, it perfectly fits the needs of all the skin types and ages, because it focuses on the reduction of unevenness, instead of lines and wrinkles.


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Chic coral reef

Finally, after a long silence, I decided to restart blogging once again, inspired by this wonderfully chic coral dress you can see in the pictures I posted.

Self-coloured dresses can be very elegant and especially if the cut is a bit vintage, like in my case, you need to choose the accessories accordingly, so as to keep intact that chic impression, without adding too much. For example heels in a day outfit are not the best choice if you don’t want to look like a wedding guest or similar. This is why I wore just a basic pair of flat sandals.

It’s incredible how lovely such a coral hue can be on the pale skin. You add just a few items, such as a pair of earings and a deep coral lipstick (very recommended when you take pictures) and it’s done. You’re ready to go.

And this is the oufit full-figured.



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