Chic October on the shelf

Chic October on the shelf

I can’t believe I almost spent one month ‘silent’, with no updates on my Chicfirst! And as a new month started, it’s time, though with a big late, to publish my usual monthly showcase of favorite / recommended products. So, what’s new on my bathroom shelf?

Lots of amazing goods! There’s the water spray with added zinc I bought in Paris, as well as the luxurious Japanese anti-wrinkle cream I purchased in Beijing, the Mac blusher which has recently enriched my already rich pink blushers collection, next to my mom’s favorite brows product. Not to mention some little treasures I found on Feelunique and a couple of useful suggestions for the body. Let’s have a look more in detail. From left to right my shelf features:

Felce Azzurra Talc

Collistar Siero Spray superidratante

SK II Essential Power Cream

Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus Mattyfing Cream

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen booster

La Roche Posay Serozinc

Mac Kelly Powder Blush

Benefit Gimme Brow

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Masters of creation

masters of creation

A good face make up is composed at least by four steps: foundation, concealer, blush and lipbalm. Once you’ve applied these, you may even get out of home and face your most scary daily routine. To create the best base, you need the right products though and here’s the most subjective part. There’s no particular rule, except personal taste, budget and mood. So, what are these ‘masters of creation’ according to my personal point of view?

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From dawn till dusk


Craving for an eye shadows palette which can look gorgeous for both morning and evening make up? In our over-crowded daily lives, there’s often no time to get back home, have a shower, change clothes and make up before dining out or having an after-office drink.  As well as there is no space and will to completely change our look, with a totally different palette. For this reason, a good combination of naturals can be the best option to add that little extra when starting to work, without looking as a Moulin Rouge star. As well as to look pretty and not shabby when sipping your Spritz.

As promised, here you get an other wonderful pick from my recent trip to Paris. The palette has the magical signature of Dior and belongs to the world-famous 5 couleurs and is the ‘Designer’ version in the shade #708 Amber Design.

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Chic delicate shampoo

chic delicate shampoo

Trying to find out gentle shampoos that really keep the promise has been almost a mission in the last months. Having straight, thin hair and a super-delicate scalp, most of the foamy, too soapy formulas for frequent hair-wash available on the market tend to irritate and de-hydrate all the same. As well as most of the oily ‘shampoos’ either leave a sort of greasy feeling at the end or give me the impression of not being clean. It’s a totally personal sensation, I know, but if I’m sold a shampoo for sensitive skin, I want that, not an oil. Odd thought. I know.

Coming to my selection more in detail, I tried to check both composition, feeling and price.

So after a couple of months of trials and exchanges of impressions with a friend, this selection is what I came up with:

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Chic Paris buys

My love relationship with Paris is a well documented one. As well as my love relationship with the brands Make up Forever and Bioderma. During my last holidays in Paris it has then been impossible not to buy anything from them and get back home with a few treasures in my chest. And as they’re all lovely and highly recommended products, I thought about sharing  with you a few thoughts about my chic French buys.

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Last drops of summer


Although I’m not the kind to sit out in the sun for hours, I must admit I really enjoy summer. So that I would never let it go. Luckily this year the very end of summer seems to be lovelier than the rest of the season. Madness! But I know it will end soon, as the air is getting fresher and fresher and even the daylight is changing very quickly. Summer brings to anybody a natural healthy glow on the skin, as well as it enriches our beauty bags with rich pops of color, fruity-scented body lotions, watery shades on the eyelids, warm touches on both nails and lips.

For all those summer-lovers, there’re still a few drops to live and enjoy. And thanks to a few beauty picks, the season can keep shining for a little while.

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Not-chic products #3

not chic 3Am I the only one around who doesn’t like Clinique 3-step program?

Last year for the first time in my life, after ages of silken, beautiful, unblemished skin, I happened to have frequent breakout on the cheeks. It drove me crazy. Totally. Cazy. Blemishes? On my porcelain complexion?

And you can imagine the reaction. I started checking and reviewing all my skincare routine, my make up products, my shampoo and shower wash, brushes, tools, sponges, cloths, trying to figure out the cause, as there was no particular reason from within (no diet mistakes, hormonal troubles, etc).

At the beauty counter, they gave me samples of the 3-step program from Clinique, saying it would have solved everything, if used mornings and evenings. Absolutely wrong! It didn’t stop the blemishes, it didn’t calm the skin, nor improved its condition. At first I thought it could have been because its condition was too bad. But one year after, with a far better looking starting point, and just one or two spots here and there, these products behaved really bad again. I’m not a chemist, nor an expert, but reading the list of ingredients, I found petrolatum, mineral oils, parabens, and other crap which a similar treatment shouldn’t include.

I like the brand and I’m enjoying some amazing Clinique bits, from the Chubby sticks to the wonderful Take the day off balm, but I really can’t get along well with the 3-step program. Do you?

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10 things not to do in Paris


Paris‘s the charming city par excellence: glamorous boutiques, inviting cafés and brasseries, world-famous museums and monuments, breath-taking views, mysterious churches and an artists’ cemetery. Beautiful, fashionable, proud, and inspiring at every corner. Paris is the city that every fashion victim dreams of. The city where anybody would like to hear a love declaration or a wedding proposal. The city where’s a meeting after midnight could be not a meeting. But ‘the’ meeting. Personally, I find truly irresistible that unique mix of Gothic, glitters, wind, romance, history, art, rudeness, modern and old. But as poetry to be truly enjoyed and saved needs good care, if you visit Paris, no matter if the first, second, third time, you’ll need the same manner, consciousness and respect as in front of a ‘majestic first lady’.

For this reason, I though about sharing with you some tips about the top 10 things not to do in Paris. If you follow them, it will keep shining for what it really is. La ville lumière.

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One lovely blog award


So it seems like I’ve been awarded by the lovely Jacqueline of A Vibrant day and by Pati of Second Thoughts with the One Lovely Blog award. If you’re not already following them, well I think you should. Jacqueline edits beautiful and inspiring posts where she’s able to mix and match art and beauty, lifestyle and travel with her exquisite taste and passion for life. Pati shares on her blog an interesting, cheerful and bright perspective on fashion.

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1. Name and thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate fifteen or so other bloggers.

Now, following the rules of the award, here are 7 facts about me.

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Chic Dior stash

Chic Dior

When I first really got into makeup I was 18 and the purchase was a Dior gloss in stick format. I still have the case at home, but of course I’ve used all the content. Dior has been my first brand and in a sense, my true ‘first time’, because I bought that gloss thanks to my savings. It was a self-present for my high-school graduation.

And for that reason, I treated it as a little treasure. Though not a student anymore, I still find quite hard to buy an entire collection from Dior. And so, I tend to select items according to my personal ‘priorities’.

If I had to select only 5 items to bring with me on a desert island or to educate somebody to the cult of the Dior makeup, I’d certainly recommend:

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